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Thoughts on Dressing for Extreme Sports Activities

From hang-gliding to kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing, surfing to skateboarding; when it comes to extreme sports, we certainly know how to get the adrenaline pumping. Just a few decades ago, anyone who dared to jump from a bridge with a piece of elastic around their ankles would have either been thought of as incredibly daring or bound for some sort of institute. Bungee jumping is probably considered one of the milder extreme activities, and unlike skateboarding or white water rafting, the only skill required is a strong nerve.

As the popularity of extreme sport activities grows, so too does the demand for better, faster, stronger and lighter equipment as we all seek to push our own physical limits, and this demand extends to those clothes and accessories that are best suited to each particular sport.

Extreme water sports such as kayaking, canoeing and wind surfing naturally require a specific waterproof layer such as a wet-suit that will keep the water and hypothermia out, but keep the heat and flexibility in. In addition to wearing insulation layers such as SmartWool and Polartec, the outer-layers can include trousers, jackets or all-in-one suits, and water sport enthusiasts should look for those brands that boast protection from splash, spray, wind and rain. O`Neill, Quiksilver, Billabong and Xcel each have a number of durable, technically sophisticated and ergonomic designs, and most of them look pretty good too.

For extreme sport where you`re likely to braving some of the colder elements such as high winds and even snow, then it`s important to invest in some good quality winter clothing. Look for those jackets and trousers that are both waterproof, lightweight and have plenty of ventilation. Mesh linings, ventilating zips and collar-stored hoods are common features in good jackets and NorthFace, Arc`teryx and Berghaus are all well-known brands to start looking at. Hats, gloves, goggles thermal socks and durable, well-fitting boots with plenty of ankle support are also essential dressing for winter extreme sports.

For those extreme sports activities that might require little more than a bit of nerve and a lot of energy, such as rock climbing, high level ropes and land carting, then dressing well requires just a little bit of preparation. Layering tends to work well for almost any extreme sport  extra layers can add protection against injury but you can also remove or add clothing for comfort. Navigating around a high level rope course requires a certain amount of flexibility and whilst it should go without saying that helmets are an essential piece of equipment, casual clothing such as tee-shirts, hoodied tops and combat trousers would suit well. Modern brands such as Atticus, Volcom, Reef, Animal, G,Star and Bench have great ranges of clothing for almost every extreme activity sports.

Whether you`re likely to need ski boots, flip flops, waterproof sandals, hiking boots or durable trainers for those sports you really need to more around in, dressing for extreme sports is as much about the look as comfort and safety. Addidas, Berghaus, Billabong, DC shoes and Etnies are just some of the brands to choose from when it comes to dressing your feet. Visit Keen footwear to help you get started.

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